The Inviting Path

To some extent, most world religions teach that to follow the spiritual path is to follow the path of love. In Christianity this teaching is supreme; and, therefore, the guiding value for a community of faith like Saint Anne's. To be a spiritual person means to live in conscious love for God and others. This is the pathless path and can be said in many different ways, but at Saint Anne's we usually say it like this;

  • God values and unconditionally loves all people.
  • Christ teaches us to love as God loves.
  • We are co-workers with Christ in loving people to life.

Invitation to Emergence

Following what has become known as the Emerging Church Movement we are committed to;

  • Becoming a center of help, hope and healing.
  • Developing worship that is both ancient and modern.
  • Fostering leadership based on serving and consensus.
  • Seeing truth as many-sided.

Invitation to Mystery

Above all at Saint Anne's we seek to be open to the transcendence of God – to that something more to life that always eludes explanation. We can think and think all we want but ultimately we come to that with which the intellect cannot deal – the Mystery we call God. This Mystery, in which we exist like fish in water, can be known through appreciation, gratitude, awe, wonder and love but never fully grasped by the mind. We invite you to join with us in embracing the Divine Mystery in Christ.

photo of Father Larry welcoming you into the church